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C-Bass hits 80 mph, doesnt win, gets bumped to Open list

The Iowa Cocks had a late addition to their roster with Sebastian Gervasutti. He was not on the 2011 NAFA Open Pitchers List( see Pitchers list on website) so was eligible. He threw 6 innings and was tied 3-3 when the game was suspended. He hit 80 mph. He was unable to finish when the […]

Liberty vs Tower Junction goes 11innings over 12 hours

Tied 1-1 after 6 innings Tower Junction and Liberty’s game which started at 8:38 last night concluded at 8:38am 12 hours later. TJ Dudley scored Liberty’s lone run on a Joe Janicke hit to take a 1-0 lead in the 4th inning. Tower Junction tied it up in the 5th inning. The game was suspended […]

Saturday scores

“A” Hastings over Jamies Liberty over Wrightway 5-1 Balboa Over Hastings 13-12 Liberty over Naturals 3-1 Colorado Dragons over Pala 2-0 Duluth over Riley 5-1 West Fargo Knights over Duluth 10-8 Dragons over West Fargo 7-0 Gardner over Oetman East Bay Bashers over Gardner 12-0 Schneids over KC Angels 2-1 Schneids over Mac’s Pub 9-2 […]

23-Under Pitching Velocities

Joel Harris, Toros, 74 Corey Avery, free agents, 73 Brody Able, nw implement, 73 Scott Sutherland, Capitals, 70 Kyle Crawford, Frankenmuth, 70 Corey Carmicheal,free agents, 69 Josh Ytterness, Duluth, 68 Clint Stobbe, Nw Implement, 68 Mike Jamison, Sand Prairie, 67 Kevin Malloy, ramsey, 61

888-852-1115 New game times below

Start times after the tornado warning and lightning stopped. 23u All 8 teams at 1:15 pm on fields 5-8 for 3rd round robin game. 19u Teams on hold for now text me after 3pm at 503-559-5398. AA-Major 11:15 F2 New Image vs Cocks stiil tied in 9th 11:15 F5 Pala vs Cal State 11:15 F1 […]

Friday AA -Major Game Scores

G1 – Iowa – 8, Pala – 3 G2 – Pete’s Blue – 10, East Bay – 1 G3 – Cal State – 7, Smalltown – 0 G4 – Kegel – 10, BAC – 8 G5 – Iowa – 3, New Image – 3, going into seventh G6 – Pete’s Blue – 6, Topeka – […]

AA-Major Pitching Velocities

AA-Major Pitching Velocities… Sean Kelly, Lightning,76 Josh Johnson, New Image, 75 Kevin Kammueller, Cal State Builders,75 Josh Pettit, Topeka Toros,75 Zane Siolo Topeke Toros,74 Penese Losefe, Pete’s Blues,74 Sonny Perkins, Pala Braves,73 Joel Harris, Topeka Toros,74 BobbyRamos, Iowa Cocks,74 Corey Avery, IAC/Cardinals,72 Brady Woods, IAC/Cardinals,73 Jason Ytterness, Kegel, 66 Darren Strang, Cal State Builders,70 Darcy […]

Firesteel Snakes go to bed down 7-9 to Pala Braves & wake up & win 10-9

10:10 thursday night lights about to go out. Pala Braves up 9-7 getting ready to close out the 7th inning and game is suspended and the teams go to motel.

2011 National Meeting Minutes

President Kopp called the meeting to order at 10:28am

“A” Pitching Velocities

Nearly all the first day pitchers velocities were recorded and the typical average was 55-65 mph with just 3 newer pitchers over 70 and accuracy issues or the need to lower their velocity to hit the strike zone. The NAFA Directors across North America have done a great job this year classifying teams and pitchers […]