March 21, 2023



(updated Sept. 21st, 2009)


The Entry fee deadline is posted on the website at

The entry fee is due on that day.

It is a lot of work to deal with a team dropping out with the NAFA 3 Game Guarantee bracket and especially if a team drops out of a game that is a non pigtail game or a game with a late start time because they requested one and then dropped out. Umpires, scorekeepers, field prep, opposing team planning are all affected. Don’t drop out as we can usually find you the few players that you need to make your team whole.

An email is sent out the day after the deadline to give teams the choice to mail it or make the verbal guarantee to enter. Once entered verbally they are committed and owe the entry fee whether they show up or not.

We email a “start” time email to each coach prior to drawing the bracket up. If a coach has a rare problem that is legitimate then we refund half the entry fee if they drop out at that point(or in the case that they verbally committed then we have them send only half the entry fee).

Once the bracket is completed and posted then there is no refund for a no show team and a team that has not paid but has verbally guaranteed that no shows will be suspended for a year(or until it is paid) and no players from that roster can participate in the current event as a pickup player for another team or in any other NAFA event until they have paid their portion($40) of the team entry fee.

Don’t drop out as it affects everyone else negatively after you think in your mind that you have just saved yourself a bunch of time and money by dropping out but the heartache for the rest of us just begins at that point.

Call NAFA Executive Director, Benjie Hedgecock, if you need help with players or if you absolutely have to drop out as soon as you know you’re in trouble and need help.