June 6, 2023

How to start a team or a league(Fastpitch Development Program)

NAFA has developed this webpage to develop the grassroots growth of our excellent sport through the development of local leagues, local pitchers as well as teaching individuals how to coach a team and how to start a league and even more importantly how to maintain a league by making sure the better players and pitchers don’t consolidate for the selfish purpose of winning.

1) How to start a league

2) How to start a team

3) How to find a league in a city close to you

4) Pitching rules for league parity and development of local pitchers

5) How Wood Bats can help you bring pitchers back to the sport for your league

6) We can assign you a mentor to help you get your team or league started here

7) How using currently trained female pitchers can help you start your league or keep it going when you can’t locate male pitchers