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NAFA 2015 “Open” Pitcher’s List Updated

NAFA Pitcher’s Classification List

If you want to be classified and added to this list then email us asap at If You don’t see your name on one of the lists below, please check out the unclassified pitchers list at the bottom of this page. This list is updated regularly and was last updated on November 20th,2014 will be updated between December 1st and February 1st for 2015 so email us if you see a name that needs to be added or one that is classified improperly)


(These pitchers are considered the top in the World and are not allowed to pitch below the Open level unless their name no longer appears on this list AND it DOES appear on the AA-Major List(or lower))Names in red are being evaluated currently

  1. Adam Folkard, Australia, (Team Australia #1,(Hill United #1)
  2. Andrew Kirkpatrick, Australia, (Team Australia #2), (Gremlins #1)
  3. Jeremy Manley, New Zealand, (Team New Zealand #1) (Twins #1) [Continue reading…]

2015 World Series Dates @ Locations

NAFA announces host cities for 2015 World Series championship tournaments Written by Bob on November 13th, 2014

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Masters West Champions are crowned, full wrapup soon

55 Gold Ladner Seattle Tule Lake and Bay Area

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West Masters Updates

55′s Seattle 9-8 over Bay Area Ladner 6-4 over Old Growth Airtronic 14-9 over Patriots Ladner 10-9 over Seattle Old Growth 12-7 over Bay Area Airtronics 6-2 over Tule Patriots 8-7 over Relics Playoffs Ladner vs Relics Tule vs Old Growth Airtronics vs Bay Area Seattle vs Patriots 50′s Seattle 8-4 over Nevada Power Ohio [...]

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60 Nohren over Shoe Box, 55 Ohio Battery over Nohren, 50 Patriots over Eagle Pack, 45 Diamond Kings over CPI, 40 Dykstra Hogs over CPI, 35 Dykstra Hogs over Buzz

888-852-1115 for the rain info line. Text my cell if you need something 503-559-5398 The 45 ended at 10:30pm so we will get the brackets and stats caught up soon on the right hand side bar for all divisions    

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Sept. 5-7 Masters East & Sept 12-14 Masters West Brackets are posted on the righthand sidebar

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