2017 Masters Brackets 25th Anniversary Brackets below

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  • Fargo’s new 13 field Northside Complex will host us in 2017 for our 25th Anniversary
  • Open & West Championships AA/, A, July 21-23 Fife, WA
  • Boys 10U,12U,14U,16U,19U in Vassar, Michigan July 30-31
  • AA-Major Aug 9-11 in Fargo
  • A-Major August 10-13 in Fargo
  • Men’s REC August 11-13 in Fargo
  • 23U Gold August 11-13 in Fargo
  • 23U Elite August 18-20 in Fargo
  • “A” August 17-20 in Fargo
  • AA August 18-20 in Fargo
  • Masters Midwest Rockford, Illinois, Sept 8-10
  • Masters West Carson City, Nevada Sept. 15-17
  • Wood Bat Las Vegas Nationals, Nevada, October 20-22(AA Pitching and below but mostly A teams)

“A” Team Lis(Aug 17-20)(Thursday afternoon to Sunday afternoon)

  1. Sight & Sound Wolves, Ontario, Canada(Jonny Desaulniers)
  2. Peguis Redmen, Manitoba, Canada
  3. Kelvington PDC Comets, Saskatchewan(Neil Finch)
  4. Kahkewistahaw Blue Jays, Saskatchewan
  5. Saskatoon Padres, Saskatchewan
  6. Saskatoon Merchants, Saskatchewan
  7. Seadogs, Massachusetts(Nick French, Anthony Aresco)
  8. WhiteTail Husky Bucks, Pennsylvania
  9. East Coast Renegades, New York(Ricky Skladowski)
  10. Marquette FP, Michigan
  11. Smalltown FP, Michigan
  12. Millwright Solutions, Indiana(Dave Judy)
  13. NW Braves, Oregon(Shayne Arndt)
  14. Wah, Southern California
  15. Budmen, Southern California
  16. Beaumont, Southern California
  17. Colorado Knights, Colorado
  18. Indios, Kansas
  19. Wizards of Oz, Topeka, Kansas
  20. Bowen Masters/23U, Illinois
  21. Havre, Montana
  22. Roca Tavern, Nebraska
  23. Bee Bombers, Nebraska
  24. Rivals FP, Wisconsin
  25. Meister Dairy, Wisconsin
  26. Lifetime Seamless Gutters, Wisconsin
  27. Reapers FP, Wisconsin(Mark Mantufel, Rick Thompson)
  28. Lacrosse, Wisconsin
  29. Scarletts, South Dakota(Brian Rohlfs)
  30. Duluth FP, Minnesota(Dave Meyers, Brett Koslowski)
  31. Len’s Automotive, Minnesota
  32. PJ’s II, Minnesota(Mike Froderman)
  33. Scandia, Minnesota(Tyler Bouley, Brian Waldvogel)
  34. Rooters Bar, North Dakota(Ben Askagaard, Mike Oehlke)
  35. West Fargo Knights, North Dakota(Andrew Potter, Matt Johnson, Nick Tweiten)
  36. Koala’s, North Dakota(Matt Gable, Luke Gable)
  37. Justin Feist Team, North Dakota(Justin Feist)
  38. Troy Downen’s Team

“A”-Major Team List(Aug 10-13)(Thursday noon to Sunday afternoon)

  1. ECL Bronx, Saskatchewan
  2. Regina Silver Screen, Saskatchewan
  3. Notre Dame Clubs, Manitoba, Canada
  4. Northern O Selects, Ontario, Canada(2016 “A” 5th Place)
  5. Lasalle Bullets, Winnipeg, Manitoba
  6. PEI Summerside, PEI, Canada
  7. Fleetwood Marlins, British Columbia, Canada(Darren Peck)
  8. A1 Rockies, Southern California
  9. KW Pirates, Northern California(Nate Dondero)
  10. California Buzzards, Southern California(2016 “A” Champions)
  11. Northwest Braves, Oregon(Shayne Arndt)
  12. Lacey A’s, Washington(Dave Drotzman)
  13. Northern Merchants, New York(Tom Haver)
  14. Elanco Blackhawks FP, Pennsylvania(Dave Stokes)
  15. RM Kurtz, Pennsylvania
  16. Bowen FP, Illinois
  17. Weezer’s, Kansas
  18. Wizards of Oz, Kansas(Ray Foster)
  19. Desperados, Montana(Frank Hendrix)
  20. Winterset A’s, Iowa(Darren Strange)
  21. Young Thunder Selects, Missouri
  22. Stoneyard, Wisconsin
  23. Striker’s Lanes, Wisconsin
  24. Sioux Falls Pivot Sox, South Dakota(Zach Warne)
  25. Crow Bar, South Dakota(Jason Pollreiz)
  26. ODIN FP, Minnesota(Justin Davis, Lou Heller)
  27. Minnesota Computers/Coaster’s Beer Gardens, Minnesota(2016 “A” 2nd Place)
  28. Spicy Pie Bombers, North Dakota(Jace Hom)
  29. Dempsey’s Public House, North Dakota(Koterba)
  30. West Fargo Knights, North Dakota

“AA” Team List(Aug. 18-20)(Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon)

  1. Calahoo Chiefs, Alberta
  2. Kegel Old Timers, North Dakota/Minnesota(BJ Hunhoff)
  3. Willkomm Mobil/Optimum Crush, Wisconsin(Todd Lubkeman)
  4. Rooter’s Bar, North Dakota(Leo Bress)
  5. Hennager’s, Minnesota(2016 A-Major Champions) (Brett Meshke)
  6. Surrey Rebels, British Columbia, Canada(Riley Single, Craig Snyder)
  7. West Fargo Knights, North Dakota(needs a pitcher)
  8. ECL Bronx, Saskatchewan

“AA”-Major Team List(August 9-11)(Wednesday late afternoon to Friday late afternoon)

  1. Irma Tigers,Alberta, Canada(Steve Normand)
  2. Portland CR Bartels Farms, Oregon(Jorge Segura, Shawn Koster, Rob Schweyer, Bryn Redhead)
  3. PEI Summerside, PEI, Canada(Mitch Hardy)
  4. Watson’s Selects( Dauvin, Sparvier)
  5. Elanco FP, Pennsylvania(Jerlin Rutt)
  6. NW Braves, Oregon(Kevin Kammueller)
  7. Rice Lake Orangemen, Wisconsin(Nick Seibenlist)
  8. Desparados, Montana(Leo Bresse)

“REC” Team List(Aug. 11-13, first game friday late or saturday morning)

  1. Duluth FP II, Minnesota, Coach Brett Koslwoski
  2. Labby’s, Coach Scott Trana
  3. Knights, Coach John Kegel
  4. FM Aces,North Dakota,  Coach Mike Oehlke
  5. John’s Plumbing, Nebraska, Coach Mark Morris
  6. Cardinal Tap, South Dakota, Coach Clint Dale
  7. Cerro Gordo, Minnesota
  8. Ramona FP, South Dakota, Coach Darwin Stewart
  9. Northern Extremes, Ontario, Canada
  10. The Box, Minnesota

23U first Week Team List(Aug. 11-13, first game friday evening)

  1. Bowen FP, Illinois
  2. Young Thunder, Missouri
  3. Northern O Selects, Ontario, Canada
  4. NW Braves, Oregon

23U 2nd Week Team List(Aug. 18-20, first game friday evening)

  1. Kegel/Minnesota Computers, Minnesota
  2. Peguis Redmen JR’s, Manitoba, Canada
  3. Seadogs, Massachusetts
  4. Conquest JR Coyotes, Canada
  5. Young Thunder, Missouri
  6. Mike Steiner Construction, Wisconsin(Peyton Hall)
  7. Fargo 23U Local Team, North Dakota
  8. Saskatoon Merchants, Saskatoon(5 guys, looking to combine with another group)

40 West Gold Oregon CR Bartels over Cal State Builders,Austin,Texas Jokers and Los Angeles Quakes take 3rd in 40 Gold, 40 Silver Nevada KW PIRATES over So Cal Budmen, 45 Cal State Builders over Massachusetts Seadogs, 50 Ohio Battery over Nor Cal Bay Area Merchants, 55 Bay Area Merchants over Oregon NW Old Growth, 60 Seattle FP over Ohis Battery Relics

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(Coaches Meeting at the Bracket Board at 4pm)


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Masters East 60 Texas Stars over Wisconsin Insurance Center 55 Ohio Battery over Illinois Nohren Farms 50 Missouri Market Fresh Produce over Team Maccabi USA 45 Wisconsin Bar of Appleton Buzz over Minnesota Jordan Realty 40 Ontario, Canada Grimsby Diamond Kings over Nebraska Duetsche FP Brackets are completed below

Click here for All Masters World Series Complete Brackets Each team can have 3 players 3 years too young (that don’t pitch

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NAFA Champions crowned, see complete brackets below, AA-Major Irma Tigers over Topeka Toros, AA Farmersville Haymakers over Saskatoon Bronx Bombers, A-Major Minnesota’s Hennager’s Plumbing over New York’s Northern Merchants, A So Cal Taft Buzzards over Minnesota Computers/Coasters, 23U Massachusetts Seadogs over Minnesota Computers/Kegel, Open Portland CR Bartels over California/BC A’s

Click here for the link to all NAFA World Series Brackets The Rain info line is 888-852-1115 if you have an issue unrelated to the weather text me at 503-559-5398. Benjie

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West Masters Brackets(Completed), 60 West NW FP over Ohio Battery, 55 West Ohio Battery over Bay Area Merchants, 50 West Cal Storm over Nevada Power, 45 West Seadogs over Calgary,Alberta, 40 West Gold Seadogs over A1 CR Brewers in Gold(Cal State & Castro Jokers 3rd), 40 West Silver So Cal Quakes over Utah FP, East Final Brackets

40-Over West Masters Bracket Sept 18-20 Carson City(Complete Bracket) 45-Over West Masters Bracket Sept 18-20 Carson City(Complete Bracket) 50-Over West Masters Bracket Sept 18-20 Carson City(Complete Bracket) 55-Over West Masters Bracket Sept 18-20 Carson City(Complete Bracket) 60-Over West Masters Bracket Sept 18-20 Carson City(Complete Bracket) East 60 Insurance Center over Comfort Inn Stars, 55 East [...]

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“Wood Bat” West Nationals in Albuquerque, NM(Completed), East “Wood” Bat National Results

Albuquerque, New Mexico Los Altos Sports Complex 2015 NAFA West “Wood Bat” World Series Completed 2015 NAFA West “Wood Bat” World Series Aug 28-29 Schedule in pdf click here

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