March 21, 2023

NAFA appoints Oehlke & Zimmerman as Executive Committee Members

NAFA appoints Executive Committe Members

Written by Bob on August 11th, 2013
DAYTON, ORE – NAFA has appointed Justin Zimmerman from Pennsylvania as the East Coast Vice President. He will represent the teams on the East Coast.
Mike Oehlke from North Dakota has been appointed to the Executive Committee and will serve as the Assistant to John Kegel, who is the Upper Midwest Vice President.
When Kegel determines that Oehlke is ready, he will take over as the geographical regional vice president.
These are the first two additions to the Executive Committee since 2007 when Robert Hernandez, Mike Watson and Carley Parish were added.
“Both individuals are well respected in their regions and bring a young and enthusiastic approach to the NAFA Executive Committee which now grows to 14 Voting members,” said NAFA Executive Director Benjie Hedgecock.
President Ronn Kopp, UIC Carley Parish, Business Manager Kris Russom, Vice Presidents John Kegel, Loren Lathrop, Robert Hernandez, Mike Watson and Justin Zimmerman.
Special Projects members include Mike Clark and Mike Oehlke, and Emeritus Members are Jim Williamson, Pat Bucknell and Dewey Yoke, and Executive Director Benjie Hedgecock.
UIC Carley Parish has announced her moving to Emeritus status at some point in 2014 as her Law Firm ownership duties have grown too extensive. She will be inducted into the NAFA Hall of Fame in 2014 at the Quad Cities World Series.
Parish and Hedgecock will determine the course of the NAFA Umpire Program over the next few months with input from her current deputies Pete Davis, Bob Neville and Clark Evans as well as UIC Emeritus Dewey Yoke, World Series Umpire Assignor Kris Russom and the president and vice presidents.