June 5, 2023


Umpires who would like to be part of our NAFA Umpire Pool for World Series and Invitational play should fill out the “Umpire Questionnaire” below and email it to Pete Davis at davisgolf@yahoo.com.  All applications for the NAFA World Series events must be submitted (by e-mail or facsimile) to NAFA Director of Umpires Pete Davis no later than May 1st of each year.  All applications must include three references with proper contact information, including the number of men’s games officiated in 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015.  All umpires must be present for the World Series on Wednesday prior to start for a mandatory meeting.  All participants selected for the World Series must order the proper shirts and hats prior to the tournament. The Umpire Registration fee is $35 and it is essential and covers the umpire’s insurance for NAFA events and goes to our umpire program.

The NAFA Umpire Committee consists of:

NAFA UIC (Umpire-In-Chief), Pete Davis. davisgolf@yahoo.com

Clark Evans Vice President Western U.S. and Umpire program Supervisor. zebrasnm06@yahoo.com

Bob Neville, Midwest DUIC, bob.c.neville@cummins.com

Dewey Yoke, Emeritus UIC, djyoke@comcast.net

Darren Gerrior DUIC Canada dhgerrior@eastlink.ca

Richard Silva DUIC East Coast Region rjsilva26@aol.com

John Buck DUIC Western Region johnsonbuck3591@sbcglobal.net

Click here for the NAFA Umpire Pool Application Form Questionaire

Umpire Attire

NAVY Blue NAFA Shirt,Heather Grey Pants, NAFA Approved LOGO Cap, and Blue or Grey Ball Bags.

About NAFA UMPIRE Program.

NAFA Umpire Registration is $35 Per year

This gets you Secondary Insurance, The NAFA Rule Book is Online like all Major Fast Pitch Organizations.

You Cannot UMPIRE Any NAFA Sanctioned Event without first being Registered It puts everyone at a Great Liability Risk.

NAFA is the Fastest Growing and LARGEST MENS FASTPITCH Organization in the World Come be a part Of Something Amazing!!

We are also Starting a Youth Fast Pitch Program in The Southwest and Washington State Dont be left out.