March 21, 2023

Nomination Qualification

Hall of Fame Qualifications to be nominated

Any combination of the items listed below may qualify an individual to be nominated to be considered a member of the NAFA Hall of Fame, The Eagle Club.

1-Serve on the executive committee, 6 years.

2-Umpired in NAFA World Series, 6 different years.

3-Sponsor of a NAFA team at World Series, 6 years.

4-Manager of a NAFA team at the NAFA World Series finishing in top five places in any of the division of play, 4 times in 4 different years.

5- A player that has 4 Points Total from the list below: (i.e. 2 A All Worlds and 4 Masters All Worlds would make you eligible or 1 AAA, two 23U, 1 A and two 35-overs would make you eligible)

One Point for each all world selection for following:

  • Open
  • AAA
  • AA-Major
  • AA
  • A-Major
  • “A”

A half point will be given for each of the following:

  • Wood Bat
  • Masters
  • any youth play all world selections
  • Native American
  • Modified

6-To be nominated in any category each individual must be nominated by your State or Provincial Director or UIC with all information need to show qualification.

7-All nominations will be sent to the President by June 1 of each year and voted on by the Executive Committee.

8-Any number of individuals per year can be selected from the nominations for the Hall of Fame during one year.

9-Upon selection into the Hall of Fame each individual will be honored with  a plaque signifying their accomplishment and an embroidered Hall of Fame Pullover Jacket and be announced at the following year’s opening ceremony at the World Series.