June 5, 2023

Key Decisions for Fastpitch since 1993

1993 The “7” meet in Chicago and found the North American Fastpitch Association to give the game back to the players. FP fences, pitcher classification, no time limits, no tiebreakers, no courtesy runners, de-emphasis on the pitcher’s feet and a real national classification system that works.


Pat Bucknell retired as Executive Director and the current Executive Director, Benjie Hedgecock took over on the last day of the 2003 World Series in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. The new Executive Director’s vision was to maintain NAFA’s positive aspects, improve the team and pitcher classification policies, choose the top facilities and cities for future world series events, expand the program in ways that stayed true to the NAFA originator’s traditions but stay ahead of trends in our sport.


A-Major Program was added by splitting the lowest Division “A” into two levels thereby achieve the goals of giving teams better ability to compete regardless of talent level, and having a “bridge” class between “A” and “AA” which teams felt was too big a jump to compete at once bumped up.


Masters was added


AA-Major was added as well as a Wood Bat National and Dave Parker was appointed as Wood Bat Program National Director.


An 18-Under Division was added to the World Series in Des Moines, Iowa


  1. A 60-Over Masters Division was added to Midwest Masters Sept. 9-11 and
  2. a NEW EAST Masters World Series was added July 1-3 in Niagra Falls, Ontario, Canada moving NAFA into Canada and to the East for the first time.
  3. A Boys youth division was implemented in Rockford, Illinois for 10U,12U,14U,16U
  4. A new 23-Under “OPEN” Division was added to be held with the Men’s “OPEN” World Series July 22-24 in Madison while the traditional 23-Under “Competitive” Division will continue to be held along side the Men’s “A” World Series August 19-21 in Rockford, Illinois
  5. Our Website was totally overhauled again with a fresh clean look that allows us to add more written content and keeps our players more in touch with what is going on.


  • 200 Teams in 2012 at our 20th Anniversary of NAFA which is being held in Topeka, Kansas
  • one of the safest, cleanest, most successful venues we have been to in Topeka.
  • Many Special Events will take place including:
  • honoring the founders,
  • honoring all former Hall of Fame Inductees,
  • Inducting new Hall of Fame Members,
  • We have invited Ball Park Radio and Jim Flanagan to broadcast games,
  • we have invited Maddy Flanagan to be the official photographer
  • and we have invited Bob Otto to be our special story writer to this very special anniversary event.
  • We will have tournament ceremonies on Thursday night each week.
  • We hope to have the Japanese team back again.
  • We will have some of the largest brackets in NAFA history with nearly 200 teams in 7 Divisions of play including
  • A-Major & AA & 19-Under, Wood Bat on August 9-12,
  • and on August 16-19, “A”, “AA-Major”, 23U,  & Wood Bat World Series.
  • We will also announce the 20 Year Anniversary ALL NAFA Team like we did in 2002 in Salem, Oregon during the 10th Anniversary.
  • It will be an exciting event that Fastpitch lovers should tag as a “MUST SEE” for 2012.

2016 Boys youth World Series was added in Vassar, Michigan.

2017, 2018

We explored keeping the world series for two years in a row in Fargo, North Dakota with success.