August 7, 2022

2011 National Meeting Minutes

President Kopp called the meeting to order at 10:28am
Present…President Ronn Kopp, Executive Director Benjie Hedgecock, Vice President Robert Hernandez, Vice President Loren Lathrop, Vice President Mike Watson, Vice President Jon Kegel, Dewey Yoke, UIC Emeritus, Kris Russom Business Manager, Carley Parish UIC. Guests Bob Chapel, Henry St Clair, Pete Davis. Not present Mike Clark, Pat Bucknell, Jim Williamson.

Work with host team partner on event for 2012 to maximize participation and lessen date conflicts for open teams. Remain on 4th weekend in July.

Remain on second week of world series.

Remain on first week of world series and communicate with ISC regarding their start/stop dates to examine if we stay Thurs-Sun or shorten to Thurs-Sat with final late sat night so teams can travel Sunday possibly.

Stay on first week of world series, same 4 game format

Stay on 2nd week of world series, same 4 game format
Continue keeping pitching controls

Keep on same date as “A” if possible
Consider holding final sat night

Look at 18 vs 19 at this event, keep with 23U

Award to Tim Hatten for 2012 in Rockford

Continue July 1-3 Niagra Falls East
Sept. 10-12 Midwest in Illinois
Sept. 17-19 West in Carson City
Keep 3 player 3 years too young that cant pitch rule

Rule Changes
Edit Rule book
Correct suspended game, must resume any suspended game at the world series
DS rule violation penalty added this day
Option of result of play or an out on offense

World Series Team Survey Results post in different story

Fence Distances will remain 250-260 based on elevation.

Rockford Host is putting water in the dugouts for second week.

2012 Locations
1) if Rockford will drop curfew then it will be considered at the teams request
2) Eau Claire-Chippewa
3) Minneapolis
Are the three cities we are considering

Publish new program on the website
2012 entry to world series paid for winner and 2 motel rooms for 3 days to replace old uniform program. Have MVP and MVPitcher Plaques made larger.

Have more stories on home page with only header showing and read more here….

Super Regional Travel Money And other Paid berths
Remind teams rosters are frozen with 3 pickup players allowed.

Wood Bat
Continue supporting Director Dave Parker hosting event and have 4th game guaranteed brackets at regular world series be wood bat

Continue as positive feedback on surveys

2011 rule quite successful so review in winter but consensus is to continue with rule

4th Game Guarantee Brackets
Positive in A and A-Major
Possibly remove in AA
To support development of the sport make all 4th game guarantee
brackets Wood Bat to promote its use

Meeting was adjourned at 2:38 pm