August 7, 2022

“A” Pitching Velocities

Nearly all the first day pitchers velocities were recorded and the typical average was 55-65 mph with just 3 newer pitchers over 70 and accuracy issues or the need to lower their velocity to hit the strike zone. The NAFA Directors across North America have done a great job this year classifying teams and pitchers and it was very evident on the first day of the NAFA “A”.

“A” Pitching Velocities…
Matt Kosorock, Knights, 74
Rob Wooley, Marion, 74, 2nd year pitcher, lost the game 2-1
Brody Abel, NW Implement, 73, 19 year old
Andrew Ysais, Palm Springs, 69
Brandon Scherrer, Bashers, 68
Ike Campbell, Tower, 68
Mark Mohar, Duluth, 68
Casey Higgins, Schneids, 68
Jeff Koch, Schneids, 68
W. Blog, Palm Springs, 68
Ed Too Tall Walker, Dragons, 68
Troy Downen, Firesteel, 67
Tony Koehler, Ramsey, 67
Eric Reinhart, WF Knights, 67
Dean Zink, Reddog, 67
Darren Vanderark, Priority, 66
Pat , Knights, 66
Craig VanPruen, Militia, 66
Miguel Baron, Angels 2, 66
Mark Stewart, Angels, 66
Kevin Smith, Indy Rail, 66
Jason Ytterness, Crow 2, 66
Browning Chabot,
Bill Davis, Reddog, 65
Keith Hutchins, Oetman, 65
Dale Churchill, Hastings, 65
Mark Ryan, Riley Tav, 65
Jeff Meyer, CPI, 65
Joe Mcall, Mac’s, 65
Pat Johnson, WF Knights, 64
Louie Vaca, Dragons, 64
Mitch Moe, Jamies, 64
Jim Bevequa, CPI, 64
Zach Lach, Smalltown,
Scott Hershey, Westerville, 63
Jeff Jackson, Cent Ill, 63
Mike Gruppen, Oetman, 63
,Jamies, 63
Kevin Leick, J & D Tube, 63
Dave Nichols, Bradley Braves, 62
Jim Lloyd, Roca, 62
Mike White, Gardner, 62
Larry Davidson, Lifetime, 62
Chuck Snow, Nokomis, 62
Greg Heath, Wrightway, 62
Gilbert Joiner, Balboa, 61
Greg Punke, Synergy, 61
Ed Patterson, Liberty, 61
Todd Strubhart, Nokomis, 60
Eric Richter, Drifters, 60
Rick Mcmanus, Tower, 60
Jay Armes, Drifters, 55
Joe Sales, Balboa, 55