August 7, 2022

Firesteel Snakes go to bed down 7-9 to Pala Braves & wake up & win 10-9

10:10 thursday night lights about to go out. Pala Braves up 9-7 getting ready to close out the 7th inning and game is suspended and the teams go to motel.
9 am Friday and the game resumes in the top of 7th.
Top 7
Pala danny Vills doubles and is stranded at second.
Bottom 7
Firesteel Taylor Dahlstrom hits a solo HR then Tyler Fortin walked and stole 2nd and went to 3B on Adam Ahola’s rbi single…we’re tied at 9.
Gurvin went to 3B on Aholas single…
Then Pala turns an incredible double play in the clutch when Tommy Herrera made a diving catch on a sac bunt and doubled the runner off 1st base….2 down
Snakes Will Codiere’s high fly ball to end the inning and go to the 8th….ends up in the sun and drops to the ground while Gurvin walks across for the game winner.

Gotta give Credit to Pala though, they played very well and Firesteel felt very lucky afterward.