January 28, 2022

Carson City….here we come….

The West Masters start this friday night in Carson City…..

Masters West Brackets are on the right hand side bar and also right here below….

50 West Masters
45 West Masters
40 West Masters

  • Have Fun!!!!!
  • NO Banned bats…see the banned bat list in each coach packet. As a player you are responsible to NOT use one. Don’t make it the umpire’s problem or your coaches problem, Be an adult and make sure your bat is approved or DONT use it.
  • Each roster has 20 places for players, and in the gray area at the  bottom are where the 3 players, 3 years too young that CANT pitch are listed. IF you don’t have any underaged players then those three spots can be used for regular aged guys.
  • The Courtesy runner rule is….for the pitcher or catcher at anytime and it shall be the person farthest away in the batting order from the guy that needs a courtesy runner(usually the last out but not always). If that person is the pitcher or catcher then move one spot forward. If the guy that is supposed to bat is on the bases then he comes to bat and the guy that he is running for shall run for himself.
  • If you are a free agent and want to play but don’t have a team email us today at Nafafastpitch.com.
  • The brackets are posted on the right hand side bar…we made one slight change keeping the NV8 Dresslerville Athletic Club in the 45-Over division for both round robin and single elim play on sunday which will also slightly change the 40-Over Sunday bracket as well.  Those changes have been made on the brackets. It won’t affect the umpire or scorekeeper or field prep master field chart.
  • Each player must check in with drivers licence picture ID at least 30 minutes before your first game.
  • Coaches use the new masters roster….
  • You can print it out from here and bring it with you    Masters Roster Form