March 21, 2023

“A” Games & 23-Under Times Changed Slightly, Coaches Meeting moved to Thursday morning, Presiden’t Kopp’s Social Wed 8pm still, Tourney Ceremonies before Last Round Thurs night at 7pm, Pickup player rules, other park rules below

Some games times at Greater Des Moines Complex had to be adjusted earlier so review those.

Tournament Ceremonies Thursday night before last round of games at 7pm.

Coaches meeting MANDATORY moved to Thursday morning at 9:30am at the Sheraton West Desmoines.

President Kopp’s Social for coaches and players will be held Wednesday night at 8pm at the Sheraton West Des Moines. All are welcome to attend.

the brackets are on the right hand side bar updated often

the player stats and game data are at

NAFA “A” & 23U Coaches Important Info

1) Due to circumstances out of our control, some start times have changed slightly and the bracket online has been updated. Tournament Ceremonies will take place for all teams in uniform with parade of teams at 6:45pm Thursday at the Greater Des Moines Complex Field 4.

2) Due to the later starts everyone has on Thursday many of you are driving to Des Moines Thursday morning and you have asked us to move the coaches meeting to Thursday morning to save you a motel room Wednesday night and we will do that for your convenience and it will be mandatory as we will hand out the player/coach gate passes at that time. The Mandatory Coaches meeting will be at 9:30am(it will last 45 minutes) Thursday morning at the Sheraton West Des Moines Conference Room. There will be a special NAFA President’s Reception for all coaches and players Wednesday night at 8pm at the Sheraton West Des Moines Hotel Conference Room. 2 beers per coach and players can buy beer for $2 each. Snacks will be provided.

3) Take note of the new bats approved last week for this event

4) Complex Rules are listed below.

5) Your pitchers must be approved prior to playing in the “A” Division.

6) Your entire roster must be approved before playing in the “A” Division. The general guidelines are as follows:

7) 3 pickup players the same class or lower(A & A-Major are considered the same for non-pitchers (if you need more than 3 due to late injuries you must have each player above 3 approved prior to playing) No players AA or above may play in “A” unless they are first pre-approved by the Executive Director and the use of them do not change your teams overall talent from A to A-Major. Players that play on a local team are not considered pickup players but must still be pre-approved if they play on another team AA or above.

8) All pitchers must be on the “A” Pitchers List. There are only 3 pitchers that have been moved down from A-Major to A (for this event only) and it was done to allow them to play with their local player based team and it has been determined this will give the team a chance to be competitive. They will not win the tournament as their batting lineups will not score many runs being friend based teams they are playing with but it will give them a chance to be competitive.

9) Temporary Homerun fences are the good kind but still create tough decisions. If the ball is caught when diving and carried over the fence and held(not dropped by the ground causing the fumble) It is an out and all runners advance one base. If the ground causes the fumble it is a homerun. If the ball hits the fence then goes over it is a homerun. If the ball bounces over the fence it is a ground rule double. If a player runs through the fence(Don’t), then it is up to the umpires judgement. Do not step on the fence or put your foot on them but you may jump over them.

10) Jethro’s BBQ has provided Team Party Coupons in your team packet with a $25 coupon and another coupon for a 2 for 1.

Call these host hotels TODAY and reserve your rooms early as it is state fair week. These are truly special rates that each Host hotel has given our teams to take advantage of them early.

Days Inn Des Moines-West Clive

1600 NW 114th Street, Clive, IA 50325 US

Maps & Directions

Phone Numbers

    Phone: 1-515-226-1600


Call the Valley West Inn 515-225-2524 Ask for the special NAFA Rate

Valley West Inn Des Moines

Sheraton West Des Moines Reservations
Reservations can be made toll free by calling 1-888-627-8043,  just click below for the NAFA group block or book online at:

Sheraton West Des Moines Host Hotel

This will be one of the Best Events Ever

56 Teams, 4 Games Guaranteed with the NAFA 3 GG Bracket(see below) and then for teams that haven’t played 4 games already, NAFA provides a single elim bracket for those teams to enjoy their experience.

Click here to see the SAMPLE “A” Bracket for Des Moines August 15-18

Click here to see a sample of the 4th Game Guaranteed Single Elim Bracket for teams who haven’t played 4 games yet.

Who’s Coming Team List

“A” Teams Coming….

1) Black Sox, California

2) Colton Dirt Bags, California

3) Rude Pac, California

4) Long Beach Wolfpack, California

5) Balboa FP, California

6) Exit Diamond Realty, Pennsylvania

7) Hedberg & Sons, Iowa(Gary Davis, Don Smith)

8) Priority Mortgage, Michigan

9) Smalltown FP, Michigan(Chabot, Chabot, Gruppen)

10) Marquette Fence, Michigan

11) Northern Michigan FP, Michigan(Matt Wright)

12) Roca Tavern, Nebraska

13) Tailgater’s Bar, Clifton, Kansas(Chambers)

14) Choctaw Warriors, Oklahoma

15) The Stock, Illinois

16) Rockies, South Dakota

17) Artisan Construction, Missouri(Berrah Brown, Donovan Nelson)

18) Firesteel Snakes, Ontario, Canada

19) Bowen FP, Illinois

20) Herzog, Missouri

21) Mazon FP, Illinois

22) The Tribe, Illinois

23) KC Angels, Missouri(Louie Vaca), Miguel Baron)

24) Reasoner/Fastenal, Iowa(Mike Clark)

25) Life of Iowa, Iowa(Scott Obrien)

26) Palmer FP, Kansas

27) Garnett, Kansas(Marvin Grimes, Dominic Garcia)

28) Capital FP, Barneveld, Wisconsin(Mark Manteufel. Kevin Oimoen. Chris Thousand)

29) Earl’s Club, Wisconsin

30) Tin Men II, Kansas

31) I Don’t Care Tavern/Omaha Blues, Nebraska

32) J & D Tube, Wisconsin

33) Pub 500, Minnesota

34) Len’s Automotive, Minnesota

35) Duluth FP, Minnesota

36) PJ’s  FP, Minnesota

37) Morelli’s, Minnesota

38) Grumpy’s Bar, Iowa

39) Young’s Primetime FP, South Dakota

40) Oscar’s, Omaha, Nebraska(Ryan Fittje, Carl Reerink)

41) Fender’s Cycle, Iowa

42) New KC Outlaws, Kansas(Ethan Johnson-under appeal playing with his league team with no adds)

43) Bohica, Colorado(Matt Thornton)

44) Scarletts 40-Over, South Dakota

45) Kaufman Eye Care, South Dakota

46) Central Illinois Budweiser, Illinois

47) Warchiefs, Oklahoma


“A”  Coaches Meeting, Wednesday 8pm, August 14th at the Sheraton West Des Moines

First Game Time for “A” Teams is 8am Thursday Morning and all teams should plan on playing that round.

The Last (Championship) Game for the “A” Teams will be scheduled on Sunday at 1:15pm(with an if necessary game to follow)

The Entry fee Deadline:

$425 is due on July 8. Mail Entry fee to NAFA, PO Box 566, Dayton, OR. 97114

The Original Roster is due: July 8th (August 2nd for all adds) by emailing it to

Every Pitcher must be pre-approved prior to the event and must be listed under the appropriate class or lower at

The Start Times will be made official on August 2nd on the Homepage of the website at

The Official Ball is the Specially designed and special ordered NAFA Ball.