April 23, 2021

East All World Selections & East Masters Champions Crowned, East Masters Moves to Madison, Wisconsin in 2012

2013 The East Masters moves to Madison(Middleton), Wisconsin September 6-8(Weekend after labor day weekend as usual)

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1-Texas Stars/Nohren Farms, Texas-Illinois

2-Anytime Fitness, Minnesota

3-New’s Construction/Tanner Farms, Michigan

4-Free Agents

MVP, Randy Brown, Stars

MVPitcher, Barry Dalmasso, Stars

60 All World Team

Herb Blaisdell, Free Agents

Mark Wahl, Michigan

Rod Ackerman, Michigan

Perry Hansen, Minnesota

Willie Zimble, Minnesota

Leon Donahue, Minnesota

Steve Fedie, Minnesota

Craig Coons, Stars

Mike Drew, Stars

Rick Daniels, Stars



1-Insurance Center, Wisconsin

2-Anytime Fitness, Minnesota

3-Nohren Farms/Texas Stars, Illinois-Texas

3-Porter Seeds, Michigan

5-The Shoe Box, Wisconsin

5-DesMoines Metros, Iowa

5-Sportsman, Michigan

5-Sand Prairie, Wisconsin

MVP Kent Stelter, Insurance Center

MVPitcher, Larry Cushman, Insurance Center

55 All World Team

Bruce Bielema, Sand Prairie

Jim Keeler, Sportsman

Brian Hazelton, DesMoines

Charlie Zwettler, The Shoe Box

Bill Berkanpas, Porter Seed

Jeff Weaver, Porter Seed

Bobby Alonzo, Nohren Farms/Stars

Mike Murphy, Nohren Farms/Stars



1-Eagle Pack, Indiana

2-The Stock, Illinois

3-Insurance Center, Wisconsin

3-BCM, Dekalb, Illinois

MVP Jeff Gaugler, Eagle Pack

MVPitcher, Brent Stevenson, Eagle Pack

50 All World Team

Ted Strack, BCM

Rick Hoyt, BCM

Mark Kranz, Insurance Center

Tom Bakken, Insurance Center

Mike White, The Stock

Tony Cody, The Stock

Kevin Anderson, The Stock

Todd Baber, The Stock

Gabby Rivard, Eagle Pack

John Sudges, Eagle Pack

Keith Peterson, Eagle Pack



1-CPI, New York

2-Jordan Realty, Minnesota

3-The Stock, Illinois

3-Club 217/Central Illinois Budweiser

MVP, Shawn Sampson, CPI

MVPitcher, Kevin Kammueller, Jordan Realty

45 All World Team

Jim Mayen, Club 217/Cent Ill Bud

Jim Judson, The Stock

Kevin Anderson, The Stock

Jerry Gubash, Jordan Realty

Sean Dunford, Jordan Realty

Scott Neilson, Jordan Realty

Matt Vogel, Jordan Realty

John Dry, CPI

Carl Gueneri, CPI

Kevin Pryzbyl, CPI

Dave Spargo, CPI


1-Gardner Company, Wisconsin

2-Jordan Realty, Minnesota

3-CPI, New York

3-Crest Lanes, Indiana

5-Club 217/Central Illinois Budweiser

MVP Eddie Oswalt, Gardner

MVPitcher Bryan Lathrop, Gardner

40 All World Team

Kurt Evans, Club 217/CIBud

Tom Dahm, CPI

Kevin Pryzbyl, CPI

Dave Spargo, Crest Lanes

Teddy Ricard, Crest Lanes

Carl Gueneri, Crest Lanes

Jerry Gubash, Jordan

Jim Dardine, Jordan

Tom Hagen, Jordan

Rob Kay, Gardner

Matt Horton, Gardner

Matt Smith, Gardner



1-New Image, Wisconsin

2-Gardner Company, Wisconsin

3-Central Illinois Budweiser/Club 217

3-Free Agents

MVP Chance Schmid, New Image

MVPitcher Jeramie Holman, New Image

Chris Donney, CIBud

Fred Cardella, Gardner

Tim Volden, Gardner

Steve Reiber, Gardner

Chris Agnew, New Image

Brent Holman, New Image

Tom Crouch, New Image

Harvey Knuteson, New Image

Jeff Jahn, New Image