March 21, 2023

Topeka, Kansas(just outside KC) selected for 2012 World Series…Host Hotel Info

HOST HOTEL SPECIAL Rate $74 (1-4 per room) Call DENA and ASK for “NAFA” RATE and  at 1-800-579-7937

or email her at

The Capitol Plaza Hotel & Convention Center Website

Coaches Meetings

Umpire Meetings

Parties at the Bar every night with NAFA Directors


Shawnee North Softball Complex Overhead Photo Rueger Softball Complex Overhead photo

We have selected Topeka, Kansas for our 20th Anniversary !!!

here are the dates…

“A-Major” and “AA” Aug 9-12

19-Under August 10-12

“A” and “AA-Major Aug 16-19

23-Under Aug 17-19

We appreciate and thank the following cities that placed bids.

Topeka, Kansas

Columbus, Georgia

Eau Claire, Wisconsin

Des Moines, Iowa

Rockford, Illinois