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Henry St. Clair, Service, This Wednesday, Oct. 5th Milwaukee, Wi

IN MEMORIAL TO A GREAT MAN IN A GREAT SPORT -He left us, September 26, 2011 but his spirit will carry on

Visitation to be held on Wednesday, Oct. 5, 2011 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Service to be held on Wednesday, Oct. 5, 2011 4:00 pm

Northwest Funeral Chapel

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6630 W. Hampton Avenue Milwaukee, WI US 53218 (414) 462-6020


Henry “Hank” St. Clair
Hank graduated from the Sun Belt Umpires School in Charlotte, NC.  His officiating career began over 30 years ago in Cleveland Ohio with stoppages for military, work and family.   He learned to play baseball and softball in the sandlots of Cleveland and in high school.  He continued to play and  learned to officiate while in the USMC.  His officiating career took off when forced to replace an ill official at a little league game.
He has officiated all levels of softball and baseball including youth, recreation, high school, college and some minor league assignments.  He has worked several organized Adult World Series that include NAFA, MSBL, Roy Hobbs and NABA.He believed that rules knowledge, mechanics and common sense are essential tools for a good umpire.  Learning what good umpires do to present themselves  respectfully and professionally are necessary for all. Hank St. Clair will be missed. Once his service arrangements are made we will post it here. We are all very sad that this quite healthy individual should leave us. He had a heart attack and passed on quite quickly. He is the NAFA East Deputy for UIC Carley Parish and is in the NAFA Hall of Fame as an Umpire. He was the East Masters World Series UIC Sept. 9-11 where he was in great spirits and his smile blessed us all. We will post all comments sent in here. Here are a few already.
“I have known Henry for over a decade.  He was a huge asset to our organization.  He was recently appointed as a Deputy on our Umpire Committee and held various positions before.  He was a hard worker, always willing to lend a hand and to do what was asked.  He was truly an inspiration to our umpire crew both on and off the field. We had a wonderful World Series, in which he officiated, in August of this year.  I remember sitting with him at the end of the day, telling stories.  I remember golfing with him in Des Moines in 2010 and him not being upset over my lack of golf skills.  He will be sorely missed by all of our umpires and by the umpire community.  I am sure we will all think of him when we are on the field or off and remember his advice and encouragement. My heartfelt condolences go out to his family.  Carley Parish, NAFA UIC.I am very saddened and in shock to have to tell you that Henry St. Clair passed away on Sept. 26th.  His wife just e-mailed me.I will keep you posted on details in regard to his funeral.This week is a great loss to our organization.” Carley Parish, NAFA UIC, from Eastern Canada
” I am at a loss for words. I can only think of my sadness compounded 50 fold by his wife and family. Henry was a blessing to all of us, firm b ut fair, always smiling to make our day better, great umpire on the field. He and I go back to the early days and my family and the NAFA family wishes the best in these difficult times for a dear friend we will all miss very much. I posted this on the funeral home guest book also… 

Henry…we love you and miss you. You helped guide our group into the next level and stayed friendly and humble while doing it. We will be having Carley give out a, Hank St. Clair Annual Award, to the umpire that most exemplifies your positive traits and attitude. You will be missed but never forgotten as we will tell stories about you every year to keep your ears burning…Our best to your family who we know loves you more than we do and we wish the best for your wife and entire family in this sad time. Hit a few range balls for me in heaven my friend…I love ya.
Benjie Hedgecock

Benjie Hedgecock, NAFA Executive Director

“This is particularly sad news for me..as many of you know, Hank and I were “roomies” for the 3 years at the World Series and he spent countless hours driving me around, “schooling me” on the men’s game, and generally helping me become a better umpire..” Pete Davis, NAFA West UIC, California
“This has been a terrible year for the World’s Fastpitch Community.  We have lost two of our games Icons within a three month period of time.  First of all Kenny Veirling and now Hank St. Clair.  These two gentlemen were not only great umpires but also great mentors, teachers, students of the game, Uic’s, brothers and most of all true friends both on and off the field.  I cherish all the experiences and events that I shared with each.  I’ll never forget the time that Ken and I and some other umpires were golfing and kenny was “hacking the ball around” and turned to me on about the 13th hole and said, “When we get done here, I’m going to find someplace to play some golf!”  Hank, as Hank would be was always looking for the “perfect” set of clubs and to produce that “perfect” swing.  He’d find that set of clubs about every two years and I’m sure that today Kenny has found that place to play golf and Hank has foud that perfect set of clubs and swing and they are on about the 13th hole by now before they team up to call a Big Game tonight!
I miss you both more than words can express and look forward to a time when all three of us can play that perfect golf together and then hook up for a 3 man.  I love you both, brothers.  Until then——-I hope to carry on the things that you taught me.”
Brother Steve Vail, Minnesota NAFA Umpire

“We don’t even know what to say.  Henry had become so much a part of our lives through umpiring, calls and emails that we were completely shocked to hear this.  Hank, we will miss you but you will live in our hearts forever.  You were a credit to umpiring, a wonderful friend, and an even better mentor.  God only wants the best…the best teacher, the best friend, the best administrator.  We are still unworthy King Henry. Our loss is God’s gain.  Our love and prayers are with you and your family.”Larry and Pamela Wendt Eagle Lake, MN 56024

“Just read about the passing of a great man, Mr. Henry St. Clair. It has been awhile since I have seen him but with hisgreat personality, once seen never forgotten. It is the umpiring that brings us together but it is the off-diamond comradery that brings us memories and friendships.” Gary Skjervin, Canadian NAFA Umpire
“Terribly sad to read about the passing of my Blue Brother, Hank.

Hank had a passion, an energy and a love for officiating. You could not help but be attracted to Hank. He pulled you in with his smile and his sense of humor. I saw him in action as a mentor to less experienced officials. He could be quite demanding, but also encouraging and positive in his approach. Hank’s had a wealth of experience based on thousands of games at all levels. Like all Blue, Hank could tell a tale and sometimes there would even be some truth in these “war stories”.
Despite the fact that I had not seen Hank in a few years, I had always looked forward to the day that we would be together at a tournament again. As it is with many friendships, I know that we could have picked up our relationship as if we had just seen each other the day before My thoughts are with his family and loved ones. Rest in peace, my  friend.” .Joel Balberman Brantford, Ontario, Canada NAFA Umpire

“I just read about Hank’s heart attack. Hard to believe. I just talked to him in Rockford. He always had a smile and was a pleasure to know. He will be greatly missed.” Mike White, Player NAFA Board Wisconsin

“Hank will be greatly missed.  He was a friend, mentor, and brother.He instilled in me a passion for the game that is indescribable.  Knowing that I would be working for Hank on a weekend tournament was a distinct pleasure.  To be on the field with him was truly an honor.  Hank was one of those umpires, that when you saw his name next to yours on the next day’s assignments, you got excited.  You knew that you were working with a true brother, someone you could trust in, rely on, and look up to.I had the privilege of being able to call Hank a mentor.  He had a surreal understanding of umpiring.  To be taught by Hank was to be instructed on not only the rules and mechanics of the game, but a philosophy of officiating.  The lessons he taught me extended well beyond the confines of the diamond, but into an outlook on life itself.  For this alone, I am extremely grateful to have met Hank and to have called him a friend. “Phillip A. Garee

“I’m very sad to hear that we lost a true friend. I thank you Hank for the short time that I had with you. The knowledge and fun you shared with me on and off diamond, I’m forever grateful to have had the opportunity in meeting you. thoughts and prayers go out to Hank’s family and to NAFA, he will truly be missed.” Conrad Beard, California NAFA Umpire

“Very sad news. Hank and I go way back, at least as far as Salem in 2002. Hank collected team hats and I gave him one of ours. I guess I was lucky as I got to spend all afternoon and evening with Hank at the Consolation bracket at Rockford Class “A”. He definitely will be missed.” Jim Williamson, Washington State
“My deepest sympathy goes out to the St. Clair family. Hank was a great man caring strong family man. Im so proud he took me under his UIC wing and taught me so much. He is loved and will be missed.” Rob Durand, NAFA Umpire

“I am deeply saddened by this news.  It was a great honor for me getting to meet and become acquainted with Henry.   I met him first in 2010 at Iowa.I describe Henry as a man with composed, composure.  This past August, when Henry drove me to the field for my early morn

ing game, that was continued from the night before, Pete Davis was with us.Pete asked me, “do you remember Hank from last year?”, I said ohhhhhh yes, I could never forget.   It was like being tattooed without actually getting a tattoo.   We all laughed and set the stage for the day.His family will be in my prayers.In sincere sympathy,” Brian Karich, Minnesota NAFA Umpire

“What a shock.


He seemed in perfect health at the Masters.  His normal outgoing self.  A sad day indeed.” Loren Lathrop, NAFA VP, Wisconsin
“Very sad news!!!  Thoughts and Prayers go out to his family.  He will be greatly missed, but his memory and how he help/improved those around him will be seen and passed on everywhere we go. Thank You Mr Henry St. Clair” Brandon Blum, Washington State NAFA Umpire
“Very stunning and sad news.  I went way back with Hank and we had so many great days on the NCAA and men’s FP diamonds.  Will definitely miss his presence and leadership on and off the diamond.  His love for the FP game was unmistakable.  With regret every year I always said we should get out and play some fall golf–I’m definitely a hacker–but we never did.  The flags are flying at half staff in the umpiring community today.Take Good Care”  Tom Ueberroth, Wisconsin NAFA Umpire

My Thoughts and Prayers go out to “Hanks” Family a truly great teacher and fine man! God Bless! And God Bless our NAFA Family! ” Clark Evans, NAFA Umpire, New Mexico
“I still can’t believe it!  We have all lost a friend indeed.  Hank was one of a kind and will surely be missed by all…on and off the diamond.  My sympathy and prayers go out to his family.” Steve Komorowski, NAFA Umpire Wisconsin

“I can’t express enough how shocked I was when I got the e-mail about Hank’s passing.  I’ve known Hank along time now.  High school softball, and summer travel tournaments. I’ll miss him very much.  My deepest condolences to his family for their loss. ” Tom Grey, ILLINOIS NAFA Umpire