January 28, 2022

Screw The stroke…I’m playing fastpitch

Lee Patten from Bemidji, Minnesota
Says NO to Health problems as he has had 2 millimeters of plaque removed his neck and yes to 9 games this weekend in the 55-60 divisions at Rockford…

Diagnosed in March after a pons stroke they found 85% blockage in his right carotid artery and 65% in the cranium.

So he dropped in for surgery july 28th, went home july 29th, rested, did honeydos for His wife Julie.

Played in masters state aug 27, four games…rested two weeks and came to rockford and played 9 games taking 2nd in the inaugural 60-Over and third in the 55 division.

What a testament to a competitor and to a fine person.