January 28, 2022

Rockford Midwest Masters Brackets Updated Sat 10:45pm

Brackets have been updated on the right hand side bar

Great Weather, great umpires, great fields, good times with good friends…..The new masters roster worked well and picture ID check in was smooth thanks to tournament directors, VP Loren Lathrop and VP Mike Watson. Other Executive Committee members present are Mike Clark(radar), Kris Russom-Souvenirs. The UIC is Henry St. Clair. Handling the 60 Free Agent team is Lou Kelly from Michigan, handling the 45 free agent team is Nick Piquette from Wisconsin, handling the 35 free agent team is Gary Henderson from Indiana. Marianne Larson, the Sportscore GM is here as well as Cindy and Mary our hospitality ambassadors. Sportscore staff is handling scorekeeping, gate admissions, field prep and concessions. Umpires are from Florida-Henry St. Clair-UIC, Ohio Kathy Graf & Chuck Smith, South Dakota Warren Collatt, Minnesota Steve Vail, Cliff Whitson, Larry Wendt, and Rob Durand, from  Iowa Gene Groan, Wisconsin Gary Johnson & Bob Neville, and Illinois Ray Farry, Tom Grey, Jim Ayers, and Jim Salivar.


  • Nohren Farms,Ill./Texas Stars 10-3 over Anytime Fitness,
  • Insurance Center, Wisconsin 16-0 over Free Agents

Anytime Fitness 8-6 Insurance Center
Nohren Farms/Texas Stars 11-10 Free Agents


  • Texas Stars/Nohren Farms,Ill. 8-1 over Insurance Center,
  • New’s & Lou’s, Michigan 13-3 over Bowar Electric, Wisconsin
  • Anytime Fitness, Minnesota 7 vs 6 over Sand Prairie Construction, Wisconsin field 3
  • Texas Stars/Nohren 7-3 Bowar Electric
    News & Lous 3-2 Anytime Fitness
    Insurance Center 8-3 Sand Prairie


  • Insurance Center, Wisconsin 7-3 over DesMoines Metros, Iowa
  • Berkanpas Construction, Michigan 9-5 over Bowar Electric, Wisconsin
  • Nohren Farms, Ill./Texas Stars 15-6 over The Stock, Wisconsin
  • Nohren/Stars 3-2 Desmoines Metros in 8 innings
    Insurance Center 11-10 Bowar Electric
    Stock 4-3 Berkanpas


  • Jordan Realty, Minnesota 5-1 over CPI, New York
  • Eagle Pack, Indiana 8-0 over Free Agents
  • Jordan Realty 10-0 Free Agents
    Eagle Pack 10-7 CPI


  • Gardner Company, Wisconsin over Michigan FP, 7-1
  • Jordan Realty, Minnesota 11-6 over Central Illinois Budweiser, Illinois
  • Marion Bombers, Indiana play tomorrow
  • Gradner 9-1 Marion Bombers
    Jordan Realty 4-2 Marion Bombers
    Michigan FP 12-3 Cent Ill Bud


  • New Image, Wisconsin 14-1 vs Central Illinois Bud
  • Gardner Company, Wisconsin vs Marion Bombers,Indiana
  • Gardner Company 13-2 Cent Ill Bud