June 5, 2023

Bucknell Park A’s Double Dip Toros to win AA World Series

The Bucknell Park A’s of Olympia. Washington beat the Undefeated host Topeka Toros twice to win the AA World Series in Topeka Kansas.

Shawn Koster of Bucknell was the most valuable pitcher and Scott Anderson of Bucknell was the Most Valuable Player leading the squad with several key homeruns.

The tournament was incredibly exciting as the pitching was excellent and strategy was displayed every round with speed and skill.

Pat Sagdal and Darren Michael of Bucknell were also selected to the all world team as were Zane Siolo, Chris Leaf, Boomer Berry and Duane Corcoran of the Topeka Toros.

From the 3rd place Topeka Waves Josh Pettit and Brent Hothan were selected to the All World team.  Chris Bigelow from Topeka Wave was selected all world based on his 1.75 era, three wins and 30 strikeouts in 20 innings.

Willkomm Mobil finished 4th with Todd Lubkeman and Mark Nelson earning All World honors.

For the 5th place teams, Tony Mancha and Mark Aranda earned All World from El Paso Steel and Garrett Hone and Matt Ratliff were also selected from SAA.

The tournament was made very interesting by abnormally high pitching velocities as both Tony Mancha and Josh Pettit hit 80.

Other pitching speeds:

Zane Siolo – 79
Shawn Koster – 77
Chris Bigelow – 75
Garret Hone – 74
Todd Lubkeman – 74
Tony Buckley – 73
Ryan Nichols – 72
David Beets – 74
Eric Steinbeck – 71
josh Lochridge – 71
Lewis Weldon – 71
German Sacks – 71
Jeremy Kinney – 73
Jordan Mcdonald – 71.