June 6, 2023

Masters West Carson City…Seattle FP 1st Ever 55 West Champion over Oregon/Ladner, New 50 Champs Crowned as Bay Area Merchants top So Cal Gassers, Calgary QMax over Tulsa Gray Sox in 45’s, Cal State Builders over Portland A-1 Brewers in 40’s Gold, Utah over Kansas in 40 Silver Final, www.playnafa.org for stats, brackets and all worlds being updated Monday Morning

Completed Brackets are posted on the righthand sidebar


1st Seattle PF, 4-0

2nd Oregon-Canada-Norcal free Agents 3-2

3rd So Cal Free Agents 1-3

4th Reno-Boise-AZ Free Agents 0-4

All World Team

MVP Terry Sporrong, Seattle FP

MVPitcher Steve Thompson, Seattle FP

All World

Russ Wedmore, Oregon-Canada

Chris Newbold, Oregon-Canada

Andy Watson, Seattle FP

Jim Decatur, Seattle FP

Joe Cuneo, Seattle FP

Steve Korsa, Oregon-Canada

Ken Hall, Oregon-Canada

Dee  Neiblas  , So Cal Free Agents

Raul  Fernandez , So Cal Free Agents


1-Bay Area Merchants

2-So Cal Gassers

3-Ladner Masters

3-Seattle FP

5-Ohio Battery

5-Si Senor

5-NW Old Growth

5-Boise Fog

9-Nevada Power


9-Streamline Cable

9-Oregon Masters

All World Team

MVP Eric Linnell, .824

MVPitcher Ray Camacho

All World Team

Ray Biagini, Bay Area

Sid Aguilar, Bay Area

Rich Rivera, Bay Area

Marc Linnell, Bay Area

Rex Coddington, Gassers

John Walsma, Gassers

Gary Lancaster, Gassers

Chuck Brummer, Gassers

Mike Bodle, Seattle FP

Dan Kolda, Seattle FP

Steve Kora, Ladner

Guy Lund, Ladner

Gary Lyons, NW Old Growth

Brian McGowan, Boise Fog

Bobby Alonzo, Si Senor

Gary Franson, Ohio Battery


1-QMax, Calgary, Canada

2-Tulsa Gray Sox, Oklahoma

3-Cal Storm/JRW

3- So Cal Quakes

5-Santa Rosa FP

MVP Randy Bell, Q Max

MVPitcher Tim McCabe, QMax

All World Team

Tony Phillips, QMax, .684

Brian Meyer, QMax

Keith Herbster, Quakes

Lance Jackson, Quakes

Bobby Harris, Cal Storm/JRW

Mike Crawford, Tulsa

Richie Hunt, Tulsa

Lantz Day, Tulsa

John Melchiori, Tulsa


40-Over Gold

1-Cal State Builders

2-A-1 CR Brewers, Portland

3-Seadogs, Massachussetts

3-So Cal Quakes

MVP Scott Anderson

MVPitcher Kevin Kammueller

All World Team

Dave Jordan, Cal State

Mark Summers, Cal State

Dave Carlton, Cal State

Darrin Micheals, Cal State

Rob Gehrke, Brewers

Chris Bigelow, Brewers

Mark Love, Brewers

Tony Acedo, Brewers

Mark Wofford, Seadogs

Dennis Haijar, Seadogs

Tony Aresco, Seadogs

David Waco, Quakes

Debra Day, Quakes

Paul Janosko, Quakes

40-Over Silver

1-Utah FP


3-Yard Dogs


5-ReLoaded, So Cal

5-Fat City, Nevada

5-So Cal Bandits

MVP Jake Smith, Utah FP

MVPitcher Ryan Brooksby, Utah

All World Team

Dewain Corcoran, Kansans

Tom Chambers, Kansans

Brad Cozens, Kansans

Brent Cozens, Kansans

Darren Young, Kansans

Russ Paskins, Utah

Cale Shephard, Utah

Mike Green, Yard Dogs

Josh Dixon, Dresslerville

Will George, Dresslerville

Jose Lopez, Reloaded






We need your player names and jersey numbers to enter into the new stat program, PLEASE send them asap, Just put them in an open email if you can’t get the roster filled out,,, email us your player names and jersey numbers and positions ASAP to rmccain9@msn.com

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East Masters Rockford, Illinois Sept 7-9    West Masters Carson City, Nevada Sept 14-17

FREE AGENTS email or text me  Nafafastpitch@gmail.com or 503-559-5398

COACHES…have your players that wish to play in other divisions email or text me at Nafafastpitch@gmail.com or 503-559-5398

If you have not paid your entry fee yet, bring cash to the event. we don’t want any checks we have to deal with afterwards.

Here is the Masters roster link for you to print it out and bring it filled out with you to the tournament BUT email us your player names and jersey numbers and positions ASAP to rmccain9@msn.com

2012 Masters Roster Link

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Everyone email me your cell phone that we can get you on at the tournament in case of emergency.

Proof Your team name spelling below as we are sending this in for the souvenir tshirts as it is listed below.

ALL Divisons can have 20 players with  3 players 3 years too young that aren’t pitchers(only 3 per roster).Any person turning the correct age in this calendar year is eligible for that age group(i.e. Whether I turn 50 on Jan 1 or Dec 30 I can play in the 50-Over)Updated on 8-28-2012