Indiana Pitchers List

Once a pitcher is approved on this list, pitchers can pitch at the appropriate level or higher but not lower unless approved by appeal to the National Classification Committee.

  Any pitcher not shown on the list must be approved prior to playing in any level by the local NAFA Director and the Executive Director with input from other Directors or competing coaches or players. Follow the directions under classification appeals on the website at Nafafastpitch.com or email the Executive Director at Nafafastpitch@aol.com.

  The Goal of this list is to differentiate between classes above NAFA A so the A Class is not listed here only A-Major and above

  If you feel your name is not shown here but it should be or if you feel someone is on the wrong list please email us at Nafafastpitch@aol.com.



None Listed



Tom Barnes, Marion

Rick Plannger, Elkhart

Craig VanProoyen, Highland



Darrell Bender, Elkhart

Dave Burns, Roanoke

Aaron Eckman, Wabash

Rod Eckman, Wabash

Greg Higgins, move to Alabama

Jim Hullinger, Highland

Jim Kenner, Kokoma

Dennis King, Wabash

Jeff Lovell, Mishawaka

Wayne Maxwell, Niles

John Rossi, Highland

George Sammons, Wabash

Darrell Sapp, Highland

John Sixcox, Goshen

Harold Yoder, Goshen



Mike Andrew, Terre Haute

Ron Banush, Kokoma

Lane Bender, Goshen

Allen Hodge, Goshen

Warren Hubble, Anderson



Any Pitcher classified "D" by Indiana

Brett Alcorn, Laporte

Dick Aldrich, Indianapolis

Carey Anderson, Marion

Ken Arrendale, Marion

Randy Bender, Goshen

Cory Betzer, Mishawaka

Gary Betzer, Mishawaka

Rick Betzer, Mishawaka

Randy Boos, Bremen

Raymond, Brussard, Fort Wayne

Brian Buckley Elkhart

Jeff Capps, Terre Haute

Kevin Carmichael, Marion

Wayne Carver, Indianapolis

Bud Cates, Terre Haute

Browning Chabot, Elkhart

John Clampitt, Indianapolis

Ron Clark, Mishawaka

Richard Couch, Anderson

Heath Davis, Elkhart

Travis Davis, Elkhart

Aaron Eckman, Wabash

Randy Eckman, Wabash

Richard Eckman, Wabash

Steve Fisher, Goshen

Wayne Fox, Anderson

Lee Wayne Francis, Wabash

Josh Gray, Wabash

Scott Hall, Anderson

Mike Harris, Terre Haute

Tim Holesclaw, Wabash

Tony Halloway, Anderson

Mike Huppert, Bremen

Greg Johnson, Marion

Jim Jones, Goshen

Steve Keller, Goshen

Mark King, Wabash

Wayne Koshmider, Goshen

Jon Kovatch, Elkhart

Rich Krueger, Elkhart

Bill Lemon, Indianapolis

Gary Lepper, Hoagland

Corey Manship, Greenwood

Joel Manship, Carmel

Mark Manusak, South Bend

Dan McDonald, LaPorte

Tim Middleton, Wabash

Darren Miller, Goshen

James Mitchner, Wabash

Roger Murdock, Anderson

Jason Parke, Elkhart

Eric Powers, Elkhart

Bob Query, Mishawaka

Kevin Schmidt, Indianapolis

Bob Scott, Anderson

Larry Schaffer, Terre Haute

Mike Scheetz, Plymouth

Rod Schumaker, Elkhart

John Sixcox, Goshen

Larry Skinner, Greensburg

Ken Spratt, Anderson

Tom Stonebraker, Greenwood

Dave Swingle, Fort Wayne

Jeff Sylvester, Anderson

Chad Taylor, Elkhart

Doug Taylor, Elkhart

Tom Von Eitzen, Elkhart

Kyle VanProoyen, Highland

Dean Weldy, Bremen

Tim Wilson, Terre Haute