July 16, 2019

40 West Gold Oregon CR Bartels over Cal State Builders,Austin,Texas Jokers and Los Angeles Quakes take 3rd in 40 Gold, 40 Silver Nevada KW PIRATES over So Cal Budmen, 45 Cal State Builders over Massachusetts Seadogs, 50 Ohio Battery over Nor Cal Bay Area Merchants, 55 Bay Area Merchants over Oregon NW Old Growth, 60 Seattle FP over Ohis Battery Relics

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(Coaches Meeting at the Bracket Board at 4pm)


master field schedule & scorekeeper schedule for Carson City

The link to pay for your team online is https://playerschoicesports.teamsportsadmin.com/events/tournaments/manage-tournaments

or mail it to NAFA, PO Box 566, Dayton, Oregon 97114

The entry fee is $435 for all divisions.

The Host hotel is full Goldust so call the City Center today for a $69 rate but you have to call today 775-882-5535 ask for NAFA Rate with Matt Weaver

With so many teams playing in multiple divisions and so many players playing in multiple divisions, It is close to impossible to schedule this event on 6 fields.
but this will cause us to have to play a few late games on both Saturday and Sunday than we are normally used to.

We don’t have alot of flexibility with this schedule so contact me immediately if there is a problem by email or by text at 503-559-5398.

As of this minute all games are being played at one 6 field complex at Centennial Park at 5000 Centennial Park Drive, Carson City, Nevada 89706

Fields are labeled, 4,5,6,7 in the 4 field wheel and 1,2 in the two field wheel to the left as drive by the golf course.

Friday, Sept. 16th(all games at the Centennial Sports Complex located at 5000 Centennial Park Drive, Carson City, Nevada 89706)