June 25, 2019

Teams Coming to the World Series & Hotel Info & How to Sign Up

Email us back today that you are coming and if you can’t make it now or if we have left your team name off this list and we need to add it. 

The Entry Deadline is July 25th for all events and you can mail your entry fee of $430 and NAFA Annual Registration fee of $30 to NAFA,PO Box 566,Dayton,Or 97114 

Please call the host hotels listed and book your rooms now below

August 1-2
Open World Series in Seattle, Washington(Fife)
Host Hotel Quality Inn 800-422-3051
Team List
1-J & B Painting, Southern California
2-CR Brewers, Oregon
3-Cal State Builders, Washington./California
4-NAFA Selects, Kansas/Minnesota/Wisconsin
5-Giants, British Columbia, Canada
6-Meraloma, British Columbia, Canada
AA & Below Division
7-Rebels, British Columbia, Canada
8-Interbay, Washington
9-Dukes, British Columbia, Canada
10-K Club, Washington
11-Thunder, British Columbia, Canada
12-Meralomas II, Canada
13-Oregon Cascades, Oregon
14-Ladner FP, British Columbia, Canada
15-Press Box, Montana
16-Merchants, British Columbia, Canada
17-Bandits, Oregon
18-Fleetwood, Canada
19-Naturals, Washington
20-Cleons, Washington


August 5-7(Wednesday Night, Thursday, Friday)
AA-Major  Warsaw, Indiana

Host Hotels
Comfort Inn & Suites                      574-269-6655

Wyndham Gardens                         574-269-2323

Holiday Inn                                         574-268-2600

Hampton                                             574-268-2600

Team List
Bruno Merchants, Saskatchewan, Canada
Topeka Toros, Kansas
Portland CR Brewers, Oregon
Cal State Builders, Washington/California
Pepperjacks, Canada
Dodgers, Canada
Calgary Blacksox, Alberta, Canada
Michigan FP


Aug 6-9

A-Major World Series Quad Cities, IA/IL

Host Hotels http://www.nafafastpitch.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/August-2015-NAFA-World-Series-Hotels.pdf

Team List
1-Oscar’s, Nebraska (Fittje, Dubsky)
2-Weezers, Kansas
3-KW Pirates, Nevada/California
4-Rice Lake Orangemen, Wisconsin
5-Sawdust City, Wisconsin
6-Sibley, Illinois
7-Rooters, North Dakota
8-Black Gold, Missouri
9-KC Indios, Kansas
10-Colorado Knights, Colorado
11-Tiffany’s, Michigan
12-Portage Phillies, Canada
13-Hustle Hogs, Illinois
14-DC Outlaws, Indiana
15-Ostrander FP, Minnesota
16-Bowen FP, Illinois
17-Stoneyard, Wisconsin
18-Kelso FP, Missouri
19-Pinckneyville, Illinois
20-KC Astros, Kansas
21-Geo Per, Texas
22-Blues FP, Michigan
23-Elanco FP, Lancaster, Pennsylvania
24-Wrightway Tree Service, Michigan
25-RM Kurtz, Pennsylvania
26-Pala Braves, California
27-Lampliter, Iowa
28-Wizards of Oz, Kansas
29-Belleville Stallions, Illinois
30-Calahoo Chiefs, Alberta, Canada


August 13-16

“A” World Series in Quad Cities, IA/IL

Team List
1-Morongo Hitmen, California
2-Buzzards, California
3-Balboa Softball Club, So Cal
4-So Cal Bandits, So Cal
5-Northern Michigan FP, Michigan
6-Reese A’s, Michigan
7-Animal House, LaCrosse, Wisconsin
8-Lifetime Seamless Gutters, Wisconsin
9-Meister Dairy, Wisconsin
10-Smalltown FP, Michigan
11-Tulsa Gray Sox, Oklahoma
12-St. Charles Tribe, Missouri
13-Len’s Automotive, Minnesota
14-Hagerstown A’s, Maryland
15-Seadogs, Massachussets
16-Minnesota Computers/Coaster Beer Gardens, Minnesota
17-East Coast Renegades, Long Island, New York
18-Artisan Construction, Missouri
19-Oetman Excavating, Michigan
20-Priority Mortgage, Michigan
21-Grumpys, Iowa
22-Mazon, Illinois
23-Juggernauts, Iowa
24-Roca Tavern, Kansas
25-Rudy’s Truck & Auto/Shari’s, Wisconsin
26-Redmen Fastball, Alberta, Canada
27-Northwestern Ontario Selects, Canada
28-Quinn Concrete, Kansas
29-Earl’s Club, Wisconsin
30-Duluth, Minnesota
31-Palmer Fastpitch, Kansas
32-Koalas, North Dakota
33-Franny’s, Illinois
34-The Stock, Illinois/Wisconsin
35-Sight & Sound Wolves, Fort Frances, Ontario, Canada
36-Capital FP, Wisconsin
37-Rockies/Crow Bar II, South Dakota
38-Marquette Fence, Michigan
39-Diamond Dogs, Indiana
40-Fargo Bombers, North Dakota
41-21 Gun Saloon/Hitters, Wisconsin
42-Walcott Merchants, Iowa
43-Suzy Q’s, Wisconsin
44-ZOLO/Mullet Lake Marina, Michigan
45-Wizards of Oz, Kansas
46-Nebraska FP, Nebraska


August 14-16

“AA” World Series ni Quad Cities, IL/IA

Team List
1-Sheddy’s, Wisconsin
2-Irma Tigers, Alberta, Canada
3-Roseville Eagles, California
4-Willkomm Mobil, Wisconsin
5-Odin FP, Minnesota
6-Winterset A’s, Iowa
7-Tin Cup, Minnesota
8-Central Illinois Knights, Illinois
9-Ostrander FP, Minnesota
10-Browning, Utah
11-NAFA Selects
12-Blackhawks, Oklahoma

August 14-16

23-Under World Series in Quad Cities, IL/IA

Team List
1-Reese A’s, Michigan
2-Minnesota Computers/Kegel FP, Minnesota
3-Eggen 23, Arizona
4-Seadog’s, Massachussets
5-Mid American Advertising, Illinois
6-Bowen FP, Illinois
7-Young Bucks, California
8-Peguis Braves, Canada
9-Pints Quad Cities 23U, Iowa
10-Northern Michigan FP Juniors, Michigan/East Coast Renegades, New York
11-Northwestern Ontario 23, Canada
12-Nebraska 23U, Nebraska
13-Choctaw Warriors, Oklahoma
14-Mayetta Warchiefs, Kansas

August 22-23

Wood Bat National Upper Midwest Moline, Illinois

Bowen FP, Illinois
Hatteco Trojans, Illinois
Belleville Stallions, Illinois


August 29-30

Wood Bat Nationals Southwest Albequerque, New Mexico
Team List

September 11-13

East Masters World Series in Quad Cities, Il/IA

Host Hotels http://www.nafafastpitch.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/August-2015-NAFA-World-Series-Hotels.pdf

Team List to be announced-over 40 currently
Diamond Kings, Grimsby, Ontario, Canada
Home Federal, Nebraska
Diamond Kings, Grimsby, Ontario, Canada
Ohio Battery, Ohio

September 18-20

West Masters World Series in Carson City, Nevada

Host Hotel Gold Dust West Casino & Hotel   Call Mary Beth at 775-671-3446
Team List to be announced over 36 currently
So Cal Quakes, SO California
Colton Dirtbags, So California
Cal State Builders, California
SO Cal Quakes, SO California
Ohio Battery, Ohio
Ladner Masters, BC, Canada
Northwest Old Growth, Oregon
Seattle FP, Washington
Seattle FP, Washington