June 25, 2019

West Masters Updates

Seattle 9-8 over Bay Area
Ladner 6-4 over Old Growth
Airtronic 14-9 over Patriots
Ladner 10-9 over Seattle
Old Growth 12-7 over Bay Area
Airtronics 6-2 over Tule
Patriots 8-7 over Relics

Ladner vs Relics
Tule vs Old Growth
Airtronics vs Bay Area
Seattle vs Patriots

Seattle 8-4 over Nevada Power
Ohio 10-0 over Gassers
Cal Storm 9-0 over Streamline
Duffy Free Agents 2-0 over Wisdom Free Agents
Panteras 8-0 over Nevada Power
Panteras 10-3 over Seattle

Cal Storm vs Nevada Power
Streamline vs Gassers then winner vs Pantera
Ohio vs Herbs Free Agents
Seattle vs Duffys Free Agents

Seadogs 15-7 over Cannons
Tulsa 6-1 over Quakes

Seadogs 10-3 over Bandits
Quakes 13-7 over Cal Neva
Cal State 11-1 over Yard Dogs
Budmen 7-5 over Utah
Fat City 2-0 over Gooch Free Agents
Portland 9-1 over Austin Jokers

40 Playoffs
Jokers vs Bandits and winner vs Cal State

Fat City vs Yard Dogs and winner vs Quakes

Budmen vs Gooch Free Agents and winner vs Seadogs

Cal Neva vs Utah and winner vs A1 CR Brewers