June 25, 2019

A-Major Complete Brackets for Quad Cities World Series are Posted

Who’s Coming Team List
A-Major Teams
1) Tiffany’s, Michigan(Pete Loachridge, Paul Hosington)
2) Sheddy’s, Wisconsin(Ike Campbell, Rick Mcmanus)
3) Wizards of Oz, Kansas(Tony Buckley, Ray Foster, Blake Marquart, Jeff Tarwater)
4) DC Outlaws, Indiana(Josh Gray, Lane Bender, Mike Huppert)
5) Long Beach Wolfpack, California(Debbie Day)
6) Rooter’s Bar, North Dakota(Jason Ytterness)
7) Sight & Sound Wolves, Ontario, Canada(Johnny Desaulniers, Bryn Redhead)
8) Bedford Rays, Pennsylvania(Duane Weiler, Rick Skladowski, Merlin High, Todd Smoker)
9) Sibley FP, Illinois(Jordan Waterhouse, Barry Dalmasso)
10) Sioux Falls United Sioux, South Dakota(Rich Charging Hawk)
11) Rio Grande Alliance, Texas(Alex Mancha, Dave Parker, Christian Moore, Dan Sardina)
12) Blues, Michigan(Ryan Nichols, Jon Gwizdala)
13) Indios, Kansas(Jaime Garcia,sr, Adon Garcia)
14) Boise Riverdogs, Idaho(Shane Alder, Mike Maderieta)
15) Mac’s Pub, Kansas (Brody Abel, Joe McCall, Ryan McCall)
16) Belleville Stallions, Illinois(Mike Godar)
17) Central Illinois Knights, Illinois(Jose Deleon, Gary Nubrugge)
18) Portage Phillies FP Club, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada(Paul Robb, Colby Davidson, Greg Waldvogel, Tanner Waldvogel, Ashton Cox)
19) Pickneyville Falcons, Illinois(Troy Downen, Bryant Hale, John Kiselweski)
20) Bowen FP, Illinois(Tony Koehler, Andy Groenwald)
21) Lancaster, Pennsylvania(Dave Stokes)
22) Roseville Eagles, Northern California(Ed Gasper, Brandon Shearer, Nate Dondero)
23) Hustle Hogs, Illinois(Brian Tobin, Blaine Nicholson)
24) Page Brake, Utah(Steve Black, Kevin Black, Ryan BRooksby, Norman Cowes)
25) Fort Collins Knights, Colorado
26) Herzog FP, Missouri(Greg Lewis, Eric Lewis)
27) Stoneyard, Wisconsin(Tim Volden, Tim Jacobs)
28) Sawdust City, Wisconsin(Grady Wold)
29) Bushue Tree Service(formerly Kreke), Illinois(Terry Mette, Jason Einhorn)
30) KC New Age Outlaws, Kansas(Ethan Johnston)
31) Reese A’s, Michigan(Greg Wright, Micheal Cantrell)
32) K Club, Washington(Dan Kolda, Rick Kolda, Jason Wright)
33) Cleon’s Auto, Washington(Ryan Banner, Jared Cooper, Trevor Knight, Tyler Dunn, Cleon, Tungsvik)
34) Wabash Elite, Indiana (Robbie Wooley, Dennis Leffler)
35) Ostrander FP, Minnesota(Mike Fink, Mark Mohar, David Beets)
36) Rice Lake Orangemen, Wisconsin(Erik Chapparro, Dan Ducharme)
1) EMAIL US BACK ON THIS THREAD by hitting the reply key….That You have your start time!!!!
2) If you haven’t paid your entry fee of $460(including the NAFA annual reginstration fee), DO IT this morning as you are 10 days late, NAFA, PO BOX 566, Dayton, OR 97114
If you have paid it already then thank you:)
The Championship game for the A-Major is at 1:15pm Sunday and there IS an if necessary game to follow.
3) We need you to proof the spelling of your team name and state/province and correct any mistake ASAP.
4) We need your pitchers to be requested if you have any changes or additions that you are working on. EVERY PITCHER has to be on the NAFA Pitcher’s List on the website at www.Nafafastpitch.com and in the proper class.
5) We need your unsigned roster emailed asap with JERSEY numbers so that we can enter them this week into the STATS Program at www.playnafa.com
6) We need your emergency cell phone so that we can get ahold of you before and during the event.
7) We need to know which Hotel you are staying at so that we can get ahold of you there if we can’t get you on your cell phone.
Everyone confirm that you have your starting game times(Some of you have 2 games so scroll down) by emailing is back on THIS THREAD.
We look forward to seeing each of you in the Quad Cities.
I will send you the banned bat list and the tournament rules soon in addition to the Double Elimination Bracket and the 4th Game Guaranteed Consolation Bracket. Everyone loves the 4th game guaranteed bracket as you can get up to 5 more games in it so PARTICIPATE, Everyone else does and so should your team.
The Coaches Meeting is Wednesday, August 6th at 8pm at the Isles Hotel & Casino
Thursday Tournament Ceremonies are at 6:45pm at the Green Valley Sports Complex in Moline, Illinois
Games are at two facilities in the Quad Cities
GV= Green Valley Sports Complex in Moline, Illinois
C= Campbell Complex in Rock Island, Iowa