June 25, 2019

2014 “AA” & “AA-Major” Pool Play and Double Elim Brackets are Here

Click here To view the 2014 NAFA Quad Cities “AA” and “AA-Major” Pool Play


2014 NAFA Bat Rule and Banned Bat List

2 Pool Play Games Seed you into separate “AA” and “AA-Major” Double Elimination Brackets AA-Major Teams 

1) J & B Painting, Southern California(Rob Schweyer, Patrick Burns, Devon McCoullough, Jason Gluckman)

2) CR Brewers, Oregon(Josh Johnson, Terry Luster, Lee Cose)

3) Topeka Toro’s, Kansas(Jeremy Holman, Ben Watts, Tony Buckley)

4) Winterset A’s, Iowa(Jim Hartman, Rich Haldane, Darren Strang)

5) Summerside Chrysler Dodge Eagles, Prince Edward Island, Canada(Mitch Hardy, Chris Craig, Jamie Betts,Stephen Bishop)

6) Maple Farm Equipment Bronx, Saskatechewan, Canada(Trevor Ethier, Jeremy Kenny,Colby Davidson ,Travis Dauvin ,Stephan Kwasniski ,Paul Robb ,Justin Sievert)

7) Geo Per, Texas(Eduardo Escobeda, Lallo Garcia, Jorge Segura, Jorge Rencural)

“AA” Teams

8) Bryan’s Blackhawks, Oklahoma()

9)  Wilkomm Mobil, Wisconsin(Todd Lubkeman, Mark Nelson, Jarod Dulmes)

10) Black Gold, Missouri(Eric Steinbeck)

11) Ostrander Images, Minnesota(Micheal Jamison, David Beets, Mike Fink, Mark Mohar)

12) Browning FP, Utah(Ryan Brooksby, Justin Zimmerman)

13) Lloydminster Dodgers, Alberta, Canada(Brynn Redhead, Trevor McCabe, Jordan Waterhouse)

14) Bar of Appleton Buzz, Wisconsin(Javon Handley)

15) Halifax Pepperjacks, Nova Scotia(Peter Mersereau, Craig Manuel, Ryan Forsythe, Rene D”Entremont)

16)  Kelso FP, Missouri(Tom Jansen, Terry Luster)

17) R & W Bronx AA, Saskatechewan, Canada(Jeremy Kenny, Colby Davidson ,Travis Dauvin ,Stephan Kwasniski ,Paul Robb ,Justin Sievert)

18) Tin Cup, Minnesota(Joe Cooley)

19) Cleon’s Auto, Washington(Ryan Banner, Jared Cooper, Trevor Knight, Tyler Dunn, Cleon Tungsvik, Rob Gunter)


The Championship game for the AA-Major is at 3pm Saturday and there IS now an if necessary game at this time.

The Championship game for the “AA” is at 7pm Saturday and there IS an if necessary game that follows at 9pm

1) Everyone confirm that you have your pool play game times by emailing is back on THIS THREAD.

2) Mail your entry fee of $460 US if you haven’t already. For those of you that have…Thank You.

3) We need you to proof the spelling of your team name and state/province and correct any mistake ASAP.

4) We need your pitchers to be requested if you have any changes or additions that you are working on. EVERY PITCHER has to be on the NAFA Pitcher’s List on the website at www.Nafafastpitch.com and in the proper class.

5) We need your unsigned roster emailed asap with JERSEY numbers so that we can enter them this week into the STATS Program at www.playnafa.com

6) We need your emergency cell phone so that we can get ahold of you before and during the event.

7) We need to know which Hotel you are staying at so that we can get ahold of you there if we can’t get you on your cell phone.

Everyone confirm that you have your pool play game times by emailing is back on THIS THREAD.

We look forward to seeing each of you in the Quad Cities.

I will send you the banned bat list and the tournament rules soon.