July 16, 2019

Archives for August 2014

NAFA and Baron’s Rings enters partnership so that teams can now buy NAFA Champions, Hall of Fame, MVP, All World Rings from Baron’s

Click here to go to the NEW NAFA Rings Store at Baronrings.com

All World Series stories are on the right hand sidebard from Bob Otto

All player and team stats area on www.playnafa.org

A-Major Brackets on right hand side bar

Congratulations to Roseville Eagles who won over the Stoneyard. See completed details in Bob Otto’s story on the right hand sidebar.

Final AA & AA-Major Brackets on the right hand sidebar

Congratulations to Portland’s CR Brewers who won over the J & B Painting in AA-Major and the Halifax Pepperjacks who won over the Lloydminster Dodgers in AA. See complete details by Bob Otto on the right hand sidebar for all stories.

“A” & 23U, & 4th GG Gold Brackets Updated on the right hand sidebar

Congrats to Bowen  FP who outlasted Rude Pac to take the “A” Title and to Kegel FP/MN Computers for winning two exciting games in 23U over Waseda(Maroon) of Japan.